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Our Core Plans and Products

Core offerings include: Medicare Supplement, Short Term Medical, Fixed Indemnity, Accident, Critical Illness and Medical Stop-Loss Insurance products, in both individual and group markets. With corporate headquarters located in southern Florida, a regional office in New York City, and a nationwide network of distributors and agents, AFSLIC is able to meet and better serve the needs of our members throughout the country. Through our plans, members receive health benefits customized to their insurance needs, becoming better equipped to meet the financial demands of ever-rising healthcare costs.

Our Three Pillars



We believe the key to affordable healthcare is the flexibility to customize your plan to match both your needs, and budget.



With rapidly changing market conditions, leveraging technology and data is key to staying ahead of the curve, and providing consumers with a simple and smooth insurance process.



As members and business partners, you place your trust in us. We build our trusted relationships on a foundation of commitment. That is our promise.

The Comfort in Knowing that Everything is Handled

A medicare supplement insurance policy helps you manage and budget your health care expenses.

Medicare provides beneficial coverage for health related expenses, but it does not cover all health care expenses. There are number of gaps in Medicare coverage that you either pay for out-of-pocket or with private insurance. A Medicare Supplement insurance policy is a health insurance policy (also called Medigap) sold by a private insurance company to help fill in some of those gaps.

Although private insurance companies provide Medicare Supplement coverage, Medicare Supplement insurance plans are strictly regulated by both federal and state government. Make an informed decision about what is right for you. Before you purchase a plan, make sure you understand what your Medicare coverage includes. Then choose a Medicare Supplement plan that best fits your needs.

A Medicare Supplement insurance policy helps you manage and budget your health care expenses with predictability and stability. A Medicare Supplement insurance policy helps pay of the our-of-pocket costs for Medicare-approved services and works hand-in-hand with Medicare to provide more insurance coverage.

A Medicare Supplement insurance policy has no restrictive networks, you can visit the physicians of your choice, and you have freedom when choosing a health care provider, including specialists and specialty hospitals that accepts Medicare patients. With automatic claims filling by most providers, you have less things to worry about.

Choose from these Plans

American Financial Security offers medicare Supplement Plan A, F, G, and N with varying amount of coverage - Plan A providing basic benefits and Plan F offering more comprehensive coverage.

Premiums also vary account to the amount of coverage provided by a specific plan. A household premium discount is available for eligible applicants. (Reference the outline of coverage for details.) Here are the benefits that are included, with each plan.

Benefits Plan A Plan F* Plan G Plan N
Basic benefits
(including hospice care)
Part B coinsurance
Part A deductible
Skilled nursing facility coinsurance
Foreign travel emergency
Part B excess charges
Part B deductible

Plans may be available to those qualified consumers under age 65.

**Plan F available for people first eligible for Medicare before 2020 only.

**Plan N required $20 copayment for office visits; $50 copayment for emergency room visits. Copayments do not count toward the annual Part B deductible.

Covering your needs

Use this checklist as a starting point to help determine what you want your Medicare Supplement insurance policy to cover.

Basic Benefits (including hospice care)

Medicare Part A deductible

Medicare Part B deductible

Medicare Part B coinsurance

Medicare Part B excess charges

Skilled nursing facility coinsurance

Foreign travel emergency

What's Great about the Plans?


Feel good about your choices

Return any policy for any reason within 30 days after receipt for a full refund of all premiums paid.


12-Month Rate Guarantee

No rate increase for the first 12 months, as long as the premiums are paid on time.


Guaranteed Renewable

No worries of reduced benefits or cancelled coverage for the life of the policy, as long as the premiums are paid on time.


Freedom to choose your doctors

You control and choose the physicians who you trust for your care, that accept Medicare patients.


Go direct to your doctors

You can go directly to the physicians and specialists you choose, that accept Medicare patients, without pre-certifications and pre-approvals.


Benefits stay the same

You always know what your benefits are with this standard plan... no surprises or re-evaluations year-after-year.


Portable Coverage

You are not restricted to use a network of health care providers. If you move, your coverage goes with you.

Common Terms and Definitions

Benefit Period

Start the day you go to a hospital or skilled nursing facility; and ends when you have not received hospital or skilled nursing facility care for 60 consecutive days.

Emergency Care

Immediate medical care needed because of an injury or an illness of sudden and unexpected onset.


A percentage of Medicare-approved expenses not paid by Medicare.

Excess Charges

The difference between what a health care provider is permitted to charge and the Medicare-approved amount.


A fixed fee amount that subscribers to a medical plan must pay when using specific services coverage by an insurance agent.

Hospice Care

A program of care and support for someone is terminally ill; helps them live out the time they have remaining to the fullest extent possible.


The difference between what a health care provider is permitted to charge and the Medicare-approved amount.

Medicare-Approved Amount

In original Medicare, the amount that a physician who accepts assignment can be paid, including what Medicare pays and any other deductibles, coinsurance, or copayments.

Eligible Expenses

Cost that are deemed medically necessary by Medicare and coverage expenses under your plan.


The periodic payment to Medicare, an insurance company, or a health care plan for coverage.