About Us

American Financial Security Life Insurance Company (“AFSLIC”) was organized in Missouri in January 1957, under the name of Survivor’s Benefit Insurance Company.

In 1981, the name was changed to Penn Diversified Insurance and Annuity Company, and in May 1989, changed to its current name of American Financial Security Life Insurance Company.

The company has been under current ownership since 2008, and now provides a broad range of insurance services in over 25 States.

Core offerings include Short Term Medical, Fixed Indemnity, Accident, Critical Illness and Medical Stop-Loss Insurance products, in both individual and group markets.

With corporate headquarters located in southern Florida, a regional office in New York City, and a nationwide network of distributors and agents, AFSLIC is able to meet and better serve the needs of our members throughout the country.

Through our plans, members receive health benefits customized to their insurance needs, becoming better equipped to meet the financial demands of ever-rising healthcare costs.

Our Three Pillars:

FLEXIBILITY: We believe the key to affordable healthcare is the flexibility to customize your plan to match both your needs, and budget.

INNOVATION: With rapidly changing market conditions, leveraging technology and data is key to staying ahead of the curve, and providing consumers with a simple and smooth insurance process.

TRUST: As members and business partners, you place your trust in us. We build our trusted relationships on a foundation of commitment. That is our promise.

  • 1957

    Survivor’s Benefit Insurance Company

    Company organized in Missouri as Survivor’s Benefit Insurance Company

  • 1981

    Penn Diversified Insurance and Annuity Company

    Company name changed and operated as Penn Diversified Insurance and Annuity Company

  • 1989

    American Financial Security Life Insurance Company

    Company becomes American Financial Security Life Insurance Company

  • 2008

    New Ownership

    Company purchased by current ownership group

  • 2011

    Growing Up

    First Fixed indemnity program launches, after expanding national footprint

  • 2013

    Helping Employers

    Reinsured first Employer Medical Stop Loss policy

  • 2015

    Expanding Offerings

    Expanded portfolio to include first Short Term Medical, Accident and Critical Illness Programs

  • 2018

    Into the Future

    Introduced new STM program with $1M benefit maximums